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BA.Women Podcast with Emma Sievers

Mar 8, 2020

"What actions are you going to take that are consistent with your possibility? Because without action you’ve got nothing.”- Emma Sievers, Founder of BA.Women™


Months in the making and at last, the day has come. The BA.Women Podcast is LIVE and the first episode you will get a further look into my vision and actions behind building BA.Women™ (badass women). And who’s this “me” talking?  Let me formally introduce myself…  My name is Emma Sievers and I am the Founder of BA.Women™ and the host to this podcast!  SO incredible to be with you. I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time.

BA.Women™ has always been about having conversations about our ideas and how to bring them into existence.  I wanted to bring this conversation to life, sharing the value that I was learning from our BA.Women on a broader scale. On the podcast, I  uncover and discover the endless ways we are badass.

My mom (shout out Mother T) once told me that the greatest gift you can give the world is your authentic self.  The world needs our unique ideas. If you are willing to uncover, take a stand for who you truly are, and be a contribution to others along the way, then I know I am being a badass woman.  And have some fun! Life doesn’t need to be so serious!

Each conversation, we are gaining new perspectives, experiencing women be real, open & authentic, sharing unique experiences, crazy/scary/amazing stories, leaving me inspired and astonished by each woman behind that mic. I’m constantly overwhelmed with gratitude for those who make the choice to be on the BA.Women Podcast; welcoming our badass audience into her badass world. Each woman reminding me of why BA.Women exists.

So BA’s…what actions are you going to take that are consistent with your ideas, dreams and goals?

“I started with this conversation of possibility, like what do you want, declare what you what… now I want to move into the conversation of, “what actions are you going to take that are consistent with your possibility?”  Because its one thing to come to a bowmen event and be really empowered, but what’s missing, and that’s totally my responsibility is… what am I going to give these women and men that come to our events… what am I going to give them that is an action they can take on what they’ve just been empowered and inspired by. Because without action you’ve got nothing.”-Emma Sievers, Founder of BA.Women™


-What is BA.Women and why did I create it?

-THE simple question that has been the catalyst for BA.Women.

-What can you expect to hear on the BA.Women Podcast?

-What kind of guests will we be interviewing?

-Self development seminar I recommend to transform your life and business. It did for mine!

- What does it mean to me to BE a badass women.

-What’s my biggest struggles of being a Founder and business owner.

-Whats coming up for BA.Women in 2020!

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